Casa Pueblo: Creating an Energy Insurrection in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

by Nicole Wines

We have featured Casa Pueblo on GetEcocentric before and we have been working to support them through our PR Disaster Support Relief Fund collaboration with the Juntos Together Coalition, our digital archive, and our media and outreach initiative promoting the work of grassroots organizations engaging in sustainable, resilient and just recovery and rebuilding efforts. Casa Pueblo is currently working to energize their community with 50% solar and other renewable energy sources and become an example for Puerto Rico and the world. Here is a quick update and statement from Casa Pueblo, after it was announced that the new head of the debt- and corruption-ridden public energy utility is going to be paid $750,000 per year minimum, with up to 60% more through a benefits package.


Raíces witnessed history in the making for the island of Puerto Rico in January 2018 when Casa Pueblo invited us to their press conference debuting the first solar powered radio transmitter on the island of Puerto Rico.

With an equal amount of funding all of the projects that Casa Pueblo could work to energize their community with solar and renewables include a cinema, a radio transmitter, 50+ refrigerators, 6 neighborhood food markets, 1 barbershop, 2 Restaurants, 20 houses, 2 hardware stores, spaces for workshops, meetings, educational events, thousands of solar lamps, many more solar projects for the community and there would still be funds left over for living. Casa Pueblo walks the walk, and they working towards this change every day. Many of the projects mentioned on their list have already been completed and launched by Casa Pueblo in their town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, and the list of sites from this map going solar is growing every day. Casa Pueblo and their crew are working for true change and a resilient, renewable and autonomous future for their community and Puerto Rico.

Check out their Facebook page and Website for more information and updates about their projects. Make donations directly to them through Paypal on their website to help support and advance the projects listed in their post.

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