Cold Weather Extremes Triggered by Global Warming

by Nicole Wines

I have seen a flurry of activity from die-hard climate deniers regarding statements about the current arctic weather situation in the northeast of the US, and just want to take a quick moment to share a few resources that might be useful in helping to educate skeptics, deniers and those confused by the current extreme cold and winter weather in the eastern and central part of North America. While most of the rest of the world is engaged in exploring climate resiliency and finding sustainable solutions and adaptations to the changes we are facing as a global community, citizens and residents of the US are still stuck debating whether or not climate change is real. This is a sad reality that is keeping us from moving forward fast enough with solutions, and often leaves me feeling that we may already be out of time to adapt properly due to the fact that people resist change and refuse to address it other than snarky remarks about how impossible “global warming” is when it is so cold in one small region of the world during the winter season.

I usually get resistance when I share these resources with deniers I come across. I attribute that to the fact that people who believe a lie tend to reinforce their belief in the lie when faced with a hard truth, but I will share them anyway, in the hopes that maybe you can help educate some in your own circles who are open to learning more. The only way we will be able to evolve with the coming climactic changes is through education, action and adaptation. We can’t wait for those in positions of power and authority do it for us, we have to adapt now and prepare for climate resiliency.

First, it is important that people understand the difference between climate and weather, which many in the US, including the current President, do not understand.

Then, there is the growing understanding in the scientific fields of … that global warming can trigger regional cold extremes, especially in the Northeastern part of the Americas in the Northern Hemisphere. Check out this quick article from the Science Magazine published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science that explains how this is possible

Global Warming May Trigger Winter Cooling

If you want to go into further scientific detail and review some case studies and research methods, check out these two articles, one from the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Journal Science Advances and the other from the journal Environmental Research Letters:

We just completed a year that is set to be in the top 3 of hottest recorded global temperatures, has some of the highest numbers of natural disasters and extreme weather events on record, and entire island countries are disappearing due to rising seas and changes in the oceans. Our collective energy would be better funneled into innovations and solutions to the changes we are facing, but sadly, a huge part of the population remains willfully miseducated. It is time to stop debating whether climate change is real and start understanding the science behind it, the causes and effects, and figuring out how to adapt quickly.



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