• Michele CRESSON Cresson commented on January 8, 2019 Reply

    Good Morning ,

    You have written an article about drainage Nets that was installed in the CITY OF Kwinana , could it be possible to have the contact of the company who can supply those Nets . We are working for client in New Caledonia who would like to install it
    Many thanks for your assistance
    Kind regards

    • Nicole Wines commented on January 8, 2019 Reply

      Hi Michele,
      We are located in USA and wrote the article from here to share with our community as an idea for some areas along our local river. I am not sure who the supplier was for the city of Kwinana. I do know there is a local organization here that will be installing some as a test in the coming months, so I can find out who their supplier is if you would like and get you the info. It might be an international company since it’s such a niche product. We will be in touch soon.

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