D.I.Y. Outdoor Seating

This simple Do It Yourself design for outdoor seating can be put together with upcycled or reclaimed materials.  If you don’t have a few spare cinderblocks handing around, you can probably request and find some for free on your local Freecycle mailing list.  You may even be able to find some railroad ties and wood this way too.

To be extra eco-conscious, look for heat treated wood or heat treated pallets that you can disassemble.  How do you know if a pallet is heat treated and not pressure treated?  Look for a stamp that says “HT”.

This project can be done with or without cushioning for patio, backyard, deck or garden bench.  Check out the instructions on goodshomedesign.com:

DIY Simple Outdoor Seating

Have you made your own outdoor furniture from repurposed and upcycled materials?  Send us photos and we will feature your designs in a post here!

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