Domboshava Community Project – Zimbabwe Africa

Sylvia Hove’s presentation on the Domboshava Community Project in Zimbabwe

by Francisco G. Gómez

I had an opportunity last night to sit down with Sylvia Hove at our first seed saving meeting of 2017. She is a woman who has become a dear friend and inspiration. Sylvia is an eco-warrior, facilitator and social activist, among other things!  But what I love most about her is the incredible work that she does for her people back in Zimbabwe.

It’s amazing the many things we take for granted here in the First World, especially the United States. For us it’s a very simple thing to turn on a faucet, and not just in one of the many rooms we have in our homes. But, for Sylvia’s village in Zimbabwe, the recent reality of one single communal water pipe being installed in her village is cause for the entire hamlet to come out and celebrate.

Her work is a cooperative model for anyone inspired to help people who are less fortunate in material possessions, but very rich in community spirit! Take a gander at the many things that Sylvia has created and helped to do at Domboshava! Please visit her facebook page here:

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  • Sylvia commented on March 20, 2017 Reply

    Thank you so much Fuyo for coming to support and also for you interest in helping my community

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