Getting EcoCentric – Plant an EcoSeed, Watch it Grow

by Nicole Wines

For me, “Getting EcoCentric” simply means integrating an ecological and environmentally sustainable outlook into your life and putting it into practice every day and every way that you can.  It’s not high theory, it’s not rocket science, it’s really just common sense to anyone who truly cares about the Earth, nature and our environment.  It means remaining conscious about the impact we have on the Earth and our environments in our everyday lives.

At Raíces Cultural Center, we care deeply for Pachamama, or Mother Earth, which is why our EcoCulture component has become such a central part of our organization.  No culture can be preserved without a clean home and community to live in, clean food to eat and clean water to drink, clean air to breath and an environment that sustains you and nourishes you, not one that makes you sick.

Getting EcoCentric is a part of our journey to live cleaner lives, to take actions and make choices, large and small, that impact the earth and its ecosystems in a positive way, instead of harm it. is an eco-info hub to help our friends, family, community members and readers from around the world realize the ways they can become closer to nature and live more natural and eco-friendly lifestyles.  Over the coming months and years ahead, we will fill this page with information, resources, tips, recipes, projects and ideas to help our readers live a more eco-oriented and sustainable life.  With this website, we hope to plant a seed and watch it grow, from a small eco-info hub into a blossoming eco-inspired community.  Will you join us?

Please contact us with any questions, comments, article ideas, or to share your journey to Getting EcoCentric.  We would love to hear from you!

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