Go Fossil Fuel Free

by Nicole Wines

Across the world, environmentalists, eco-warriors, and those who care about the earth and its ecological systems are taking steps and making strides towards going fossil fuel free. If we want to stop decimating the environment, it cannot be a matter of if, but of when. Monday postings will be dedicated to inspiring and educating about going fossil fuel free for a better future. The first resource to check out and share is the Fossil Free website, which is run as a 350.org campaign. This website can be used to connect with others working to go fossil fuel free in your state, your country and around the world, help you plan local campaigns and take action steps within your own community and provide you with tools to help your local elected officials pass fossil free resolutions. Join up and be part of a movement to build a fossil free future for our world.

Watch the livestream from their Fossil Free Fast conference this past January in Washington, D.C. and make sure to join the campaign to be a part of demanding a just and swift transition to renewables and resilient systems.


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