Going Fossil Fuel Free – A Brief History of Fossil Fuels

by Nicole Wines

The fossil fuel free movement largely focuses on environmental issues, and rightly so. However, it is equally important to understand the inner workings of the fossil fuel industry and the history of fossil fuel development. There are many parts to the equation, and many layers of social, political, economic and corporate control to unpack and understand. The history of fossil fuel development goes hand in hand with the “endless and exponential growth” model. In just over 200 years, we have completely transformed our society and way of life, but often our elected officials and representatives insist that “change takes time” and continue playing into the hands of the fossil fuel industry, resisting the transition we so desperately need to be working towards. It is time to change the story, so we can change the future. In order to change the story, we need to understand the past. This just scratches the surface, but it is a quick overview (300 seconds to be exact) of 300 years of fossil fuel development.



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