Happy New Year from Get EcoCentric…What’s Your Green Resolution for 2019?

by Nicole Wines

Happy 2019! In keeping with our mission of getting EcoCentric, here is a quick list of potential green New Year’s Resolutions. While individual actions will not save the world from the hands of human environmental destruction, every day we wake up, we have a choice to engage in more helpful, kinder, earth friendly behavior, and when more of us do it, that can add up to a huge difference. It also plants the seeds of ecological consciousness in yourself and those around you. Be the example, be the change!

10 Green New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Avoid all single use disposable plastics
  2. Eat organic, local when possible
  3. Walk or bike instead of driving whenever possible
  4. Detox your home. Natural cleaning, laundry and self-care products only
  5. Create and use a reusable mess kit (include reusable water bottle, cup, bambo utensils, metal straws, beeswax wraps, etc)
  6. Grow something. Even if you can’t plant a huge garden, if you have a windowsill, balcony or front steps, you can grow herbs or some greens in pots.
  7. Hang your laundry.
  8. Avoid fast fashion. Buy second hand and ethically and sustainably made clothes that are made to last.
  9. BYOB – Bring your own bag/bottle/bowl!
  10. Move towards zero waste by rejecting purchases with excess packaging.

We know that living green is a lifestyle, and can’t be accomplished with a single New Year’s Resolution, but every time we choose to improve upon our daily habits and commit to a specific green-friendly action, we become a little more EcoCentric! Have you made a resolution to go greener in 2019? Tell us about it in the comments below!

What’s our New Year’s Resolution here at Get EcoCentric? To expand this site to provide more resources and opportunities for our visitors to grow greener, including a launch of an online eco-shop before the spring! Keep your eyes open for it and subscribe to the blog in the sidebar for direct updates to you inbox!!!


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