Local Spotlight: The AIM Story – Link to Video from SEnRG

Those in the NY and NJ area should be concerned with the AIM Pipeline Expansion, which will be sending fracked gas to within 104 feet of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on the Hudson River. SEnRG is one non-profit organization in NY which is working on an action campaign against the pipeline expansion, and working to educate the community about the dangers to ecological and human life if this pipeline expansion continues to be built and becomes functional. Check out this short video from SEnRG.org which explains a little background on the AIM Pipeline Expansion in under five minutes and learn more about SEnRG’s campaign against the pipeline.

AIM Story – Video

Who/what is SEnRG? From SEnRG.org:

“SEnRG is a group of engaged citizens working together to protect communities in the Northeast from unsafe energy development and infrastructure. We employ our experience and professional expertise to assist those impacted by harmful fossil fuel projects in exercising their rights to safe, sustainable energy. Our goal is to provide credible information and support to ensure that communities of all sizes can protect their health and safety. To this end, we assist citizens in taking social, legal, and political action as they demand meaningful dialogue and adherence to the law from elected officials and permitting agencies.”

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