National Butterfly Center Under Threat

by Nicole Wines

Like anyone who cares for our Mother Earth, and seeks to build a society that factors in environmental costs into our decision making process, I have been following the saga of the environmental destruction that will be caused by the current federal administration’s proposed border wall. There are countless resources out there that detail the proposed border walls threat to wildlife and biodiversity, such as this write up from Stanford University’s “Earth Matters” magazine.

One of the most recent battles in terms of the threat to nature posed by the proposed border wall is being waged in Mission, Texas, where the National Butterfly Center is under imminent threat to have their land seized by eminent domain, to make way for a section of the wall, which will cut right through the National Butterfly Center, leaving 70 of its 100 acres south of the border wall and complete cut off from access. There are 28 environmental laws being suspended in order to complete this land seizure and construction. The land seizure is supposed to happen starting today, and the Center is currently in court seeking an injunction. See more from their Facebook page posted just yesterday:

I don’t really have any answers about what can be done about this, but I think it’s important to share, to get the word out there, to contact the National Butterfly Center and offer your support, to contact the local government and police departments of Mission, Texas to implore them to protect the wildlife and biodiversity of their area by NOT using local law enforcement to do the work of the federal agencies by seizing land from a local organization and keeping the rightful property owners off of their own property in the name of eminent domain. You can also donate to the Center’s GoFundMe Fundraiser to help cover legal fees, help protect the National Butterfly Center and restore and repair the land from any damage caused by the forced construction.

Please research, share the information you find, advocate that environmental laws NOT be bypassed and suspended in eminent domain cases as is happening in this situation, and please support the National Butterfly Center, it needs our support now more than ever!

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