NJ Spotlight – Scrap-NESE: The Franklin Township Task Force to Stop Compressor 206

by Nicole Wines

I recently saw a comment on a social media post about a pipeline spill, with the commenter questioning why they never hear about local fights, and only hear about the big events and causes such as Standing Rock. Those of us who pay close attention to what is going on environmentally know that there is a whole lot going on in every community across the country and around the globe. However, sometimes even people who are aware of a need for environmental action don’t always know where to start or how to get involved in actions and campaigns within their own community. On the GetEcocentric blog, we will be posting regular updates of spotlights on organizations in our local community in NJ, as well as those of our collaborators and friends in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, helping to identify groups and campaigns that people within our own communities can get involved in.

The Scrap-NESE Campaign of the Franklin Township Task Force seeks to stop Compressor Station 206 from being built. The proposed compressor station presents both health and environmental risks to the surrounding community. Members of the task force as well as volunteers and concerned residents and elected officials are working together to ask Local, State and Federal governments and regulatory agencies to stop this dangerous and unnecessary project. Learn all about the campaign, the issues associated with it, recent updates and how to get involved on the Scrap-NESE website. Join this important campaign and help ensure a Fossil Fuel Free future for our own local communities and across the globe!!!




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