Our Plastic Waters

by Nicole Wines

This is not comfortable to watch, but it is necessary. This is just a glimpse into our impact on the oceans. There are vast areas in the oceans around the world that are filled with accumulated trash. There are gyres, lines, waves and more, filled with plastic soup and pollution. There are currently 1.4 billion pounds of trash, mostly plastics, being added to our ocean waters each year. It is estimated that if we continue at this rate, we will have more plastic than fish, pound for pound, in the oceans by 2050, I would wager to say that the date could easily move up at the rate that we are overfishing and killing off our ocean life with toxic waste, including the plastic you see here.

To top it all off, new scientific findings concluded that as plastic breaks down, it emits greenhouse gasses and is a contributor to climate change. We also know it leeches toxic chemicals. Knowing this and seeing the videos that follow, it is truly absurd that anyone can possibly think that humanity is not having a devastating impact on the environment. This plastic habit of ours is truly auto-genocidal, because if the oceans die, we die. So what will you do about it?


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