Plastic Free is Possible – Some Inspiration on Your Journey to Going Plastic Free

by Nicole Wines

The talk on trash has been buzzing all over the internet, especially around social media. My own town is gong through a mini-battle over single-use plastic bags. Our home state of NJ can’t make up its mind whether it can take the plastic-bag ban plunge. There are so many arguments from many points of view. There are actually people who exist who feel it is their literal right to have a free disposable plastic bag anytime they want one. There are many claims of hardship and even arguments that reusables are not hygienic. And this is just over bags. Forget all the other single-use plastic we have in our lives, and all the plastic that touches almost everything in our homes and communities. You can’t go a day without seeing, touching, carrying, purchasing, throwing away some form of plastic. The argument goes that change is hard, but actually, I believe that the only hard part of change, is changing ones mind.

Here are some examples of individuals and communities that have made moves to go plastic free, for a little inspiration should you be seeking to rid your life of unnecessary excess plastics…





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