#PlasticFreeJuly – Would You Like Plastic with Your Veggies?

by Nicole Wines

potato in plastic packaging

Image by Jeremy Zilar

As is Mother Nature did not design the perfect protective layers for some of her most delicious fruits and vegetables, we have taken, as a society, to obsessively wrapping our produce in plastic. One step to take in reducing your daily use of disposable plastic is to refuse to buy vegetables wrapped in or packaged in disposable plastic, and also to find alternatives to pre-packaged, processed foods. Instead, opt to buy produce at a farmers market, get a CSA share in the growing season, and find small local markets that carry only unpackaged produce.

Check out this slideshow in The Guardian for a little glimpse into the world of excessive packaging…another “con” of “con”venience.

Want to take it a step further? Organize a “packaging blitz” at a local grocery store with friends and ask that your local stores begin to carry more and more package free or reduced packaging products. Have other ideas for workings towards a #plasticfreefuture? Share them in the comments below.

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