Seeds and Hydraulic Fracturing – WHAT?

guar-beansby Francisco G. Gómez

Who would think that a seed is so closely associated with the nasty business of Hydraulic Fracturing – well it is, big time!

Say hello to the Guar bean. It comes from a seed grown in Northern India and Pakistan. Initially it was cultivated to feed livestock, however, the huge Fracking companies discovered the Guar seed’s incredible ability to retain water, a very important component of Fracking. This discovery created a whole different market for Guar growers in the land of Ghandi, and I might add, a very lucrative one for these farmers.

The Guar beans are crushed and added to water in the process of Fracturing the earth to extract gas. If you understand the detrimental ecological affects of Hydraulic Fracturing, you might consider this seed as bad as G.M.O.! Learn more here:












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