Solutions: Plastic Pollution Interventions

by Nicole Wines

None of these interventions are a full solution on their own, but they are inspiring and creative ways to begin to address the problem of plastics in our waterways. The most important and effective solution is to REFUSE disposable and single-use plastics. We all know that the use of plastic is not going to stop completely, but we can drastically transform the way it is used if we begin to collectively #RefuseThePlastic. It will take a critical mass to make a true impact, but the change starts with YOU! Please tell us about how you are reducing your own use of plastics in your life in the comments below, and if you think of or come across a creative idea that helps reduce plastics in our waters and environment, please share!

Garbage Nets on Storm Drains

Trash Eating Machines for the Pacific Garbage Patch

Trash Collecting River Boats

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