Spotlight on Casa Pueblo

By Nicole Wines

Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas is one of hundreds of grassroots organizations across the island of Puerto Rico working on post-Hurricane Maria disaster relief and rebuilding efforts. This organization caught the attention of Raíces Cultural Center’s EcoCulture program due to their commitment to rebuilding in a sustainable and renewable way, especially in the field of renewable energy. Raíces is working to support and help document their project #50conSOL, in which Casa Pueblo is working to convert 50 homes in the central highlands of Puerto Rico to full solar energy that also feeds back into the grid. This will serve as a demonstration site for additional solar conversion projects and a stepping stone for the eventuality of microgrids and community solar. This is only one of many relief and rebuilding initiatives Casa Pueblo has undertaken, including planting 5 acres of coffee to be farmed sustainably, reforestation efforts and distribution of thousands of solar lamps to those who have remained in the dark. Learn more about what Casa Pueblo is doing in their community on their website and links below. The website and FB page are in Spanish only, but if you don’t speak Spanish, you can still see their work in the photos. If you want to support Raíces Cultural Center’s efforts to provide assistance to Casa Pueblo, you can make a tax-deductible donation through our PR Sustainable Disaster Relief Fund.



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