Spring is Coming – Plan for Pollinators

by Nicole Wines

Green Bee in FlowerSpring is on its way, even if it doesn’t feel like it at our homebase in Central NJ.  We know that our gardening friends are getting cabin fever and just can’t wait for the snow to melt back so they can get the earth prepared for planting and get those first seeds in the ground.  There are still a few more weeks to wait, but in the meantime, we are busy planning our gardens, ordering seeds, making our mini seed packets for the Raíces EcoCulture Seed Library, and planting our seedlings indoors.  When planning our a garden, we never think about just us or the people who will be using the garden, but always remain cognizant of the pollinators and other critters that we could actually help with our garden.  Not only can our gardens feed us and bring us beauty, but they can give back to the earth too.  So when planning your garden, don’t forget to plant for pollinators!

Check out this article for ideas on plants and flowers you can add to your garden to help the bees and other pollinators this growing season:


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