Sustainable Clothing: Moving Away from Fast Fashion with A Happy Stitch

Those seeking a more eco-friendly and low-impact lifestyle often take their first steps by changing their shopping and consumption habits. Usually they start with food choices, then move on to waste and plastic reduction. Then there’s energy, transportation, local politics and policy. Some of it is personal and individualized and some of it concerns our communities as a whole. There are many steps and questions along the way to developing an eco-consciousness and an eco-centric lifestyle.

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is clothing, shoes and the fashion and textile industries. So much of our society is built around fashion and hyper consumption of clothing due to changes in style and economic drivers. Like most industries, the goal is to sell, sell, sell and grow, grow, grow. We are taught to feel better about ourselves by purchasing more and going along with fashion trends, which has a huge destructive impact on resources, ecological systems and human life.

To my delight, one of the first things I saw when I signed onto the internet this morning was a link to an old blog post by Melissa Q of A Happy Stitch, highlighting some ideas and suggestions for moving away from the ecologically and socially destructive “fast fashion” industry. I agree with her when she says, “There is so much we can do to reject a system of cheap, poorly made clothes in dangerous conditions.  Just little things that collectively make a big difference.” I won’t summarize the article, but share it with you and let Melissa’s words speak for themselves.

Here is the post from the A Happy Stitch FB page and a link to Melissa’s post:

Does the new year have you thinking about how to live simpler and kinder, with less impact on the planet? How about starting with your wardrobe!

In this (old) blog post I talk about all the ways you can have an eco-friendly and humanity positive closet!

2017 is a great year for an activist wardrobe.

Handmade Fashion Revolution Week

***featured photo from A Happy Stitch



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