Talking Trees: The “Wood Wide Web”

by Nicole Wines

Traditional knowledge from around the world has been telling us that we are all connected for eons. Only over the last few generations have we begun our full disconnect from nature and our disbelief in traditional knowledge. The traditional knowledge is laughed at or though of as some sort of “hocus pocus”. Then later science comes along and “proves” it. This happens time and time again. It is useful to know the reasons for and workings behind the connection of all things in nature, but some things remain a great mystery. As we make our transition to a more EcoCentric society, instead of pushing traditional knowledge to the side, and then making such “discoveries”, scientists and researchers could integrate the traditional knowledge and world views into their studies and be guided by the knowledge that already exists. Here is a little glimpse into the scientific worlds discovery that the trees are connected and can communicate, share with one another and even form communities.


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