plastic bagsby Francisco G. Gómez

It’s just amazing to see the amount of plastic at the checkout counter when I go to the market for the very few organic products I can get on the fly.  There are not enough throwaway plastic bags on the dispenser behind the lady with the blue sweater? But,  just look at the counter, it’s filled with transparent plastic bags containing produce – plastic being packed into more plastic; this is totally unnecessary!

Wouldn’t it be less detrimental to the planet if consumers would simply make it a habit to carry some reusable plastic shopping bags in their cars. It’s really easy to leave 3 or 4 in the backseat of your ride when you go shopping. Take a look at some of the snazzy ones I use; I put some in my coat pocket or leave them in the trunk of my vehicle just in case I forget the ones I have at home.

reuse bagsIf you make a conscious effort to rethink the way you shop, you would not only be helping Mother Nature and yourself, but you may even influence those other shoppers behind you in the checkout line. You might even want to get a little crazy and talk to the owner or market manager of where you shop. Suggest how much money the business might save annually if disposable plastic bags weren’t provided to their patrons. More so, the wonderful act of kindness and consideration they would be making for a cleaner and sustainable earth – think about it!

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