Veggie Power for a Modern World

by Francisco G. Gómez

Located in Taiwan, the World Vegetable Center has been around for over forty five years. It’s mission is to conduct research, build networks, provide training and a whole host of other veggie related work. All of this is done to bring attention to global hunger and poverty as this reality becomes more acute each day!


Here are some of the projects that the WVC is involved in:  World’s largest collection of germ plasm, a long time focus on global climate research, research and development that benefits women, reducing pesticide abuse and nutrition. Visit their website here and you’ll be astounded by all the other incredible things that they are doing for humanity and the planet.

Even if their base of operations is half way around the world; what they have accomplished and continue to research, develop and offer to humanity is unquestionably generous and very admirable. A model for a modern world that’s filled with such disparity and inequality.









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